Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer in Ohio

Temperatures are finally going up in Ohio and as always i'm really excited for summer time. It's not that we gonna do anything really fun ... Brent is working like crazy, his schedule starts from 7:30 am from monday thru saturday and ends about 9 or 10 pm every night. We pretty much have just the dinner time to hang out. For those who don't know summer is always the busiest time of the year for my husband since he works with pest control ... that's when the bugs come out and when people need to buy pest control programs to keep their houses clean and free from insects. Here i am in Ohio. The 5th State we have had moved into since we got married, 3 years ago. As always i'm trying to make new friends and keep myself busy. I've been working in the office during the morning and going to the gym during the afternoon. I also enjoy my free time reading books. Just finished the third book of "the Hunger Games" sequel and had so much fun. I know it has been a long time since my last post ... i guess now that i have free time i'll try to post every week.I'm saying i'll try just because i love summer time so much and i want to be outside and enjoy this beautiful weather before it's too late ... So "tchau" for now. I'll see you around!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We crossed the country again

Move is always a hard job but at this time we had to figured out how to move with a big salt water aquarium and for sure, it was a big adventure for us. We left Florida monday and we arrived in Utah Wednesday noon ... I was amazed how beautiful are the montains here. At this time of the year, it become colorful, as it were painted with hot red, orange, gold and yellow by an artist's hands! Our first week here we went to the temple square. A place where you can see how wonderful is the pionner's heritage! Below you can see the gorgeous Salt Lake Temple!

Utah - a New step in our lives!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yes, we are in Florida!!!

We are so happy here and i should say that i love Florida with out know too much about the city, just because the sun and beach. The trip was really long and we got here around four pm. Our apartment is so sweet and all the furniture are really modern. We decided to go to Wall Mart to get some food and stuff for the bed, the kitchen etc. We came back and started to work at house to organize everything ... AT night we met a guy called Coleson for playing bowling. Brent started to work yesterday and it was when i had my first big surprise ... i went to Wall Mart again but that time i was by myself. I took long time to find the car in parking area, to get to the supermarket, to find some stuff like detergent for the dishwasher ... Brent got upset because he finished his work early and he couldnt talk to me because i didnt answer my phone, it was on silent... so ... we should meet eaht other at home like 7 pm, but i was there around 8 pm ... he was concern thinking that some bad thing happened to me and called the police ... any way, we had our first fight, i cryed, he felt sorry and now we are ok. Its been really hard to learn many things at the same time ... How to drive in Miami, how to find the places, how to do Brent's Work ... actually i m gonna start to work in the office on monday so ... it is a big change and im tryng to do my best!

We traveled during 3 days and a half from Idaho to Florida

We saw so many different landscapes crossing the country